Most of my research so far has been oriented around the questions of the performance of international organizations, with a particular focus on information flows within them. Recently, I started to look much more systematically into how information flows not only within international organizations, but also among states and societies – in other words into how inter-connected the world is in the realm of political information.
  • When it comes to international organizations, I am particularly interested in how their design affects their performance. I understand international organizations as political systems of their own kind, and thus I conceptualize their performance as the ability to perform their key system functions. This framework is relatively comprehensively presented in my recent research monograph on Negotiations in the World Trade Organization.

  • My work on the performance of international organizations is closely connected also with my long-term interest in international public administrations, or simply international bureaucracies. I was the principal investigator of a Czech Science Foundation-funded project on this topic "Global bureaucracy: The politics of international organizations staffing".

  • Since relatively recently, I have been working on an exciting agenda of information connections between states, in particular in the realm of publicly available, politically relevant information (as reported in media). I am in the process of developing a larger project on this topic, and hope to be able to bring with it important new insights into globalization and international politics.

  • For the results of my research so far, please check out the section with publications.
Ⓒ Michal Parizek