I am assistant professor of international relations at the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University, Prague. My research focuses on international organizations and their performance, and most recently on the flows of political information across states’ borders. The results of my research have been published, among others, in The Review of International Organizations (2017), New Political Economy (2018) and Comparative European Politics (2018). I authored one research monograph on Negotiations in the World Trade Organization: Design and Performance (2020, Routledge). I studied at Charles University, at the University of Bath, at Princeton University, and at Freie Universität Berlin.

You can find more details about the research I do and the courses I teach in the appropriate sections of this website. Here I only want to write that I enjoy both research and teaching a lot. I hope that this joy gets, one way or another, projected also into the outputs of my work. My pet project of videos about politics, Politika Z, is a good example of that.

My formal CV is also available here.
Ⓒ Michal Parizek